100 jours dans Glacier National Park

Que fait un photographe, Chris Peterson, quand il passe 100 jours dans un superbe parc national ? Il prend de pures photos…

Je vous invite à les admirer ici : 100 days in Glacier National Park

Day 37, Disregard the calendar, June 7th, 2009. After two weeks of summer-like weather, snow arrived in Two Medicine. I was probably the only guy in camp welcoming it. I like snowy shots. Climbed about 500 feet above the trail to get this photo of a bighorn ram overlooking the valley. Climbing with a 400mm on your back is challenging, even if it’s just a scramble up some scree. The snow got so hard it became difficult to see anything. The weather said two to eight inches, but it ended up being a dusting, but frigid. My water bottles froze. The next morning I would completely forget that I left the 400 and the camera and the monopod sitting on the picnic table at camp. When I realized what I had done I almost threw up. Leaving the 400 and the camera behind is like losing a child at a rodeo (which I’ve done). I raced back to the campsite and it was still there, on the table and a fine lady from the Park Service was yelling into the trees, looking for its owner. Bless her heart. (© Chris Peterson)

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